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Hello, my name is Patric A.K.A Trucker.
It has been a few years now,
since I started to "play around" with the psychic arts.
I started by guessing cards, and shapes etc,
but it was just a game back then.
It was not until 1998 when my dad passed,
that I started to look for answers.
I went online and searched for psychics.
This search brought me to JVP's room
where my real journey started.
I met alot of people and other psychics there.
I got lots of readings from lots of nice people,
until one day one lady said,
no, you read me.

I told her I could not do that, but she persisted
and asked to me to say anything that came to my mind.
I did do it that day,
not very well if I remember correctly,
but it was the start of my journey of awareness
to becoming a medium, psychic and healer.
I hope to continue to learn, grow, and help
many people to heal, and become
aware of their own abilities.

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