Read a little about LALA

Well some people like to read a bit about the person
who created the website.
So this page is for just that.

Now what do I say....
well...I am middle aged and married for almost 25 yrs.
I am Blessed with two wonderful children!
From childhood I have felt that I was a little different
in the sense that I thought in a different way than others.
I felt apart from my family even though I lived in the same house.
I was raised in a Christian house hold,
but the family was never really close
even though we seems to be stumbling over each other all the time.

My father was the backbone of the family, and very very Strict!
He was raised with the belief that if God wanted your nails to be colored
you would have been born that way etc.
So I listened to him,,, ( most of the time) but still felt like the outcast of the family.

I was a little different but didn't know at that time why.
I had always had a knowing feeling about things.
My mother thought I was crazy.
Almost had me committed to a sanitarium as a young child.

Just little things too like knowing when someone was coming to the door,
or knowing the phone would ring and who it was for before it rang.
This would set her off.
Just simple things.

But on the inside I knew more...
like how someone felt... when they were ill...
but I kept that to myself most of the time.

As I grew and went through some life experiences,
I came to realize that there was more to this
than just me being different. I pushed it aside for many many years.

Then in 1998, I had a life changing experience.

In February of that year I had double phenomena and was very ill.
After I seemed to recover from that illness,
I was back to work but experiencing a very disturbing sequence.
Each time I bent over I would have a clear thin liquid come from my nose.
After about a month of this I was not feeling very well,
so I went to my doctors to get this checked out.

They found out that I had a small hole in my skull
and was leaking the cerebral spinal fluid that surrounds the brain.

No... that doesn't make you nuts hahaha
But I needed emergency surgery and was admitted to hospital.

On Thursday April 17 at about 10:30pm
I had a Near Death Experience.

I will never forget this as long as I live!
and it changed my life forever.
After this surgery, I was a couple years recovering,
(and am still in the last stages of that recovery)
I was filled with a drive to find out why I felt so different.
I began to research the phenomena of NDE's,
as well as researching the things in my life that I had experienced.
Was I so different?
Seems not as different as I had thought.
This brought me some JOY and PEACE within myself.
Knowing there were others out there with like experiences.

I began to meditate to find what was within me.
Well God is within :)))) but I had to find that out.
In that time period I have seen lights of angels,
spoken to my spirit guides, and angels.
The connection was always there I just didn't realize it.

Mediumship has played a role in my life as well.
I do have Spirit come to me from time to time
and find that when he does,
I seem to have the ability to communicate information.
This I will share with anyone who needs it.
God does want us to share the fact that there is life after death of this body.

I realize that there is no psychic who is 100%
however the information that filters through is very accurate.
I am still developing these God Given Gifts
and look forward to what ever he places in my path.
God is the biggest part of my life.

On May 8, 2000. I was sitting on my sofa in the morning,
with the house quiet, just me and the cats.

I felt very strange like Spirit was there
but the energy was smoother and softer.
I realized it was one of my guides who was there to speak with me.
I heard "Build a chat called Eternal Light"
Well I said "No I have three chat rooms that I don't even use".
Again I heard "Build Eternal Light"
So for most of the morning I just ignored the info
thinking what on earth would I do with another room.
Well I still don't know haha
But I did give in to these instructions by about noon that day.
I went to my personal web site (were my chat rooms were).
Notice I said were...
When I got there the three chat rooms I had built at one time were gone!
Yes gone...completely!
I tried to access through the site, and through my mirc program
it seems the server that I used to have them on no longer exists.
So I started to build Eternal Light.
As I was building I heard that voice again.
Now build a web site for Eternal Light.
I decided right then and there, that I was going to follow my guides instruction.
After all they usually know what's best for us.
And they do bring information from God himself.
So Eternal Light was born :)

I do hope that you get as much from this place as I do
Much Love to you all!!!
In His Love

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