God's Light fills and surrounds each of us
and his Blessings are present every day in our lives!

Blessings large or small, noticed or not noticed,
His Unconditional Love is there for us every step of our path.

What you will find here, are stories of Love, Hope and Miracles.
Bringing us all back to our remembrance of
Our Father, Our Creator, Our Life!

On May 15th of this year, Eternal Light held a discussion night
with the topic of
"How does God work in your life?"
This was a wonderful evening,
with stories shared by each person who attended our discussion.
For me personaly, this night brought me to realize again
just how much Our Father IS our life.
How much He truly loves each of us
and wants to bring Blessings to our lives.

I do hope that this section of Eternal Light will do the same for you!

If you have a story to share, about how God works in your life
Please E-mail Eternal Light for submission to our Blessings Page.

We will hold other discussion nights
in our Eternal Light Chat room
Please check our News and Updates page
for information on upcoming events.

Shared Stories
for you to read and be inspired
back to your memories of God.

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