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January 4, 2001
Happy New Year to all!!!
We will be starting our one card Angel Message readings
again on Jan.8, 2001 in our Chat room called Eternal Light Readings. Java Chat
or via mIRC.
If you would like a private
or more exstensive reading
you may contact me at Email reading request

Eternal Light will now have Angel Card readings
Very Monday Evening
In the Eternal Light Readings Room
Come hear the angel's messages!
7:30 PM PST
9:30 PM CST
10:30 PM EST
Hope to see you there!

Click the Java Chat button below
for mIRC information and Java access.

UPDATE: May 13/2000.
A few days ago
my guide told me to bring a partener to this adventure.
They even told me who it was to be.
Some of you know him as Trucker
and some by his name Patric.

Welcome Patric (Trucker) to Eternal Light.

ANNOUNCEMENT: May 17, 2000
As of tomorow, Eternal Light will have
four functioning chat rooms

our Eternal Light chat room
this will be for regular chat sessions, classes to come,
and topic discussions.

Eternal Light Chapel
this will be for prayers, group prayers, and special events in healing

Eternal Light Readings
this is where all the readings will be held

Eternal Light Friends
this is the room for the silly antics
and just for friends to meet
chat and play games lol

We still don't allow profanity in any of our rooms
See java chat page for policies

New News!
We are holding a fun night
in Eternal Light Friends chat room.
Begining this Thrusday Night May 25, 2000,
there will be a games night to steam off and just enjoy!
I sure hope you all will come,
and bring some game ideas as well.
This Thursday we will have the Word Game

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